Thursday, 9 July 2020


Intercession is the one thing not in this time of situation but from before 'HE 'has assigned to me. I am part of one intercession watsapp group created by intersessor around the world and we are praying for specially Tibetan Buddhist group around the world. So, last month was my leading in the group and I prayed and did research and found out different cluster group of Tibetan around the world it was eye opening and new to me that there are many clusters group which is very difficult to reach out .The gospel of Jesus Christ has never reached among some of Tibetan cluster group geographically, politically, and spiritually they are isolated from the world.There has never been a known believers,
Unknown to Christendom, many clusters group have perished in their sin for centuries without the slightest cry for help being heard from their midst. There is 40 clusters group of Tibetans Buddhist people group and I prayed GOD and  picked up  one group everyday shared to watsapp group and together interceed for them, it was so powerful I can felt the Power of GOD going to work among those Tibetan Buddhist cluster people.
And throughout the intercession GOD has been reminding me the verse from (Phil. 2:9-11) “For this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father” . It was wonderful how every intercessor in the group GOD has been giving the word

for the lost cluster Tibetan Buddhist people that it isn't impossible for 'HIM' and nothing can stop when in one heart when HIS
children cry out for salvation of lost. Honestly I don't know how it is going to happen but I have strong faith that GOD is going to make it and it wil happen supernaturally.


As it was got bit relieved from the situation we gather our few people to worship and sharing word of GOD. As I got opportunity to bring the word of GOD I ask GOD what to share in this time of situation and HE reminded me of description of the shipwreck in Acts 27
Luke and Aristarchus accompanied Paul
on that difficult journey to Rome. The ship was out of control (27:15-20), at the mercy of that fearsome storm how Paul was calm, shows practical leadership in the midst of that crisis. Against the human helplessness of that frightening adventure stands the sovereign hand of God, who had promised Paul that he would testify in Rome (23:11). Since an angel repeats that promise to Paul in the midst of the storm (27:24).
If we will trust in God’s sovereign care for us in life’s storms it may be anything Pendemic or viruses, family,personal I  believe HE was and HE will use us to bear witness to many.

Prayer points:
1).Please kindly interceed Tibetan Buddhist cluster people group so that they will know the truth and let truth of JESUS will set them free.[ Posted the Tibetan Buddhist cluster people group names on top].
2).Pray for YWAM family and missionary who serve GOD will be strong enough to face the Strom of pendemic or any situation and be witness.
3). Pray that GOD will give me more opportunities in social media to witness HIM.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Stories of extraordinary kindness at the times of  Covid-19 crises
Since the lockdown brought all activities to a halt, there have been several sad stories: of people struggling to find even one time meal, migrant workers left stranded, among others. Then there is the daily rise of Covid-19 cases and deaths and the discrimination being faced by people suspected to have caught the virus. Yet, as we physically distance ourselves from one another amid this avalanche of bad news, people have come together in the most extraordinary ways to go the extra mile and helping a hand. Across the country, many people trying to do what they can to help.
I was in time where I started asking GOD what's happing FATHER, people are suffering, loosing their love ones, it's hard to see FATHER. And when I started hearing and seeing how in this pendemic has open eyes of kindness that we have towards others. Many of us before pendemic has been praying for God's kindness, humanity, love, gentleness, goodness, over people's life, God has numerous ways of answering that prayer. Can see all around the world so many people as one coming together not as individualism but kind community, people are showing kindness through Cooking for others,Making masks,Donation efforts,Volunteering also Small, but meaningful, gestures like calling and texting and telling to each other to stay safe and let you know that we are praying or let's pray for each others.
Ofcause as physically people are not connected so far but God is making me more stronger spiritually and mentally.
  And the beautiful thing about kindness is that it can overwhelm evil and negativity. And I believe GOD hand is there on people's life to learn kindness and it's not about me, myself, I it's about others.

I believe nothing can ever happen that is
beyond God's control 'HE' is Alpha and Omega, Almighty, Omiponent all glory goes to LORD. I am thankful that though right now physically we cannot go out to reach out to unreached but Can interceed for lost one all around the world. And worship living GOD for HIS grace and mercy given to us to trust HIM and faith that 'HE' got it.

1. Let's pray for people who lost their love ones, GOD comfort them and they will not loose Hope.
2. As God has been using people wether they know God or not let's pray that many more will come together to show act of kindness to human race.
3. Thanksgiving prayer for God's provision physically, spiritually and mentally in midst of pendemic .

Sunday, 10 May 2020


Cannot stop GODs children for praying and encouraging for each other even though churches are closed but GOD is using social media to connect everyone through social media like Facebook and watsapp. I don't know how people see or take it social media, for me I am not person of social media before this covid 19 situation but as everything got lockdown it was time that we needed to contact through social media, wether needed to ask how they are doing or what I am doing and how we can pray for each other, or update from the world. In midst of this tough situation I am very thankful to God for this gift of connection we can make and knowing the situation around us we can pray or interceed.
                     HEART BREAK

It's a tough time for many people around the globe, many has became jobless, as everything got lock down, small entrepreneurs, factories, daily wages workers and thousands and thousands of migrants workers in India has been returning their homes by walk, train, and buses and as they have been going back to their homes in towns and villages they are not that much worried bout covid 19 but more worry from dying hunger and getting stuck in cities where they don't have any work now.
Psalm 23:4 ' Even though I walk through the darkest valley ,I will fear no evil,for you are with me your rod and your staff,they comfort me.'
I believe in this situation GOD has been speaking and teaching every one of us to be more humble, kind, stronger....and last but not least to trust HIM because HE is with us.
1: People will use Social media to bless, encourage other.
2: kindly remember all the migrants worker,daily wages worker, and jobless people that GOD will provide food miraculously.
3: continuesly pray that I will be blessing for other in this tough time in any way that GOD wants me to use.

Thursday, 9 April 2020

               Word with few people

Last week of last month got one more opportunity to share my testimony with few new beliver in Mysore , though I always use to think that my testimony how to came to lord is important but more then that I started thinking that our testimony how my life is now is more important to share then how I came to Lord but those new beliver has been bless by hearing how as a strong Buddhist background girl came to know Christ and now I am serving Him still today. I am really blessed and thank God he can use our testimony to bless other anytime it doesn't matter wether it's old testimony or new.
               Sunday school time

I never been to Sunday school when i grown in LORD because as I born and brought up in Buddhist background when I came to the LORD I was teenager and went for different training to serve GOD, and I use to always bless to see Christian children who knows the scripture in their young age, knows lots of Christian song and dance and it's all the servant of God who took initiative to teach those Sunday school school...though I never learnt in Sunday school but God gave opportunity to teach Sunday school children the stories of Bible and be blessing through them.
                       Quarantine now
So, now everything is lockdown due to covid 19 Sunday school, church and even shops , and I was never been so much in social media kind of person, but I thank God that for invention of phone and internet that we can being a encourager and I have been encourage too through different men and women of God.
1) Pray for new beliver that they will grow stronger and stronger in LORD.
2) Pray for Sunday school school that what ever they have learn they will not forget and they will apply in their life and teach other too.
3) Pray for me that in this quarantine time also God will use me.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Time with Kannada children.
I never thought that I will get time to know some of beautiful and innocent children from Mysore. After visiting Tibetan settlement area and intercession I hardly get time to spend time with some of neighbour children.last two weeks our schedule was bit free and  took some time in evening to play or interect with those children, I started speaking with them Hindi and English and they speak Kannada and that's how how conversation started. I told them that I am gonna help them doing their homeworks in evenings so they agreed.
It was joy to see them because they were super smart kids even though I said I am gonna help them till I stay here butšŸ˜€looks like they don't need any help in their study because they do their own homework very easily but I love being with them.
Also got to know some young girls who don't know GOD but they have heard the name of JESUS and one of girl Sneha she said she loves JESUS and she have some Christian freind who are very good it seems. And really it matter how we as a Christian live our life and through our life outside people will know JESUS. Whenever I drink coffee with their families I use to ask them can I pray to JESUS before drinking coffee that I am thankful for all of you and bless you, though they were Hindus they always wait unless I pray to JESUS before drinking coffee or tea which I was so touched that it's not me but respecting my GOD JESUS by waiting that I am gonna pray to my living God.
                   Blessed time
It was last days with Cynthia she is from Singapore doing her school of frontier mission and came to do her intern and I ,she her friend in Mysore after visiting Tibetan settlement area, spritual cleansing and Meeting some people. It was last week so She took me wonderful restaurant and we had a wonderful fellowship and delicious amazing food. I had very blessed time with her praying and visiting together in place where very large number of Tibetan Buddhist people needed to reach out also where workers are very few.
Prayer points :
1). Please pray for these kids that they will know JESUS through HIS children
2). Pray for Cynthia that GODs calling for her life will not to her internship but keep on follow HIS step.
3).I am thankful for opportunities that GOD brought before me.

Fellowship with Cynthia 

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Happy New year
A new year gives one the opportunity to reflect. How I was doing with the things that matter? What changes should i  make to my lives?
As 2020 January started it was became more colder sick and blind are they.

and town became empty many locals they shut down their business and move to other places also Tibetan people went to other part of  India for winter, even belivers ( workers) went to their own respective home town, just few of us were there, and we heard there is teaching going on about Buddhism, and many

tourist are attending that teaching so ,Yes opportunity was to pray and interceed whatever things comes on my way. So, decided let's go and pray for those people who are wandering around and searching for truth. As we reach in that monestry in Himachal Pradesh, there was lots of lots tourists very few Buddhist local people, it was very sad to see that how much this people are lost and looking for truth in meditation and philosophy of Buddhism. We didnot went inside but sat out side
the door and started praying for them, it was quite difficult and cannot pray by seeing them but we pray over their shoes and chapels

which they kept outside, I remember the Bible verse from Mark 16:17-18 they shall take up serpents and if they drink deadly things it shall not hurt them, they shall lay hands on sick and they shall recover. It really gave us faith and God's authority over all those things as they are looking for truth and how much spritual
As the first month of the year is already over, I was  praying that you are following dreams that God has put in my heart wanted to pray and look for direction.
As i came down to mysore to pray and seek for direction also with my one friend we went to Tibetan settlement area in Ballekupi ( mysore).

We started with spiritual cleaning around the area and as we came across one stupa saw many Tibetan Buddhist young, old,monk, nun going around the stupa with chantting,
I could feel that though they are going around and around those stupa peace is not their in their heart and sense of fear in their heart was quite strong. It reminded the time when I was child as I born and brought up very strong Buddhist family I still remember my father use to tell us that you have your own individual god inside the house but whenever there use to be dark or current goes off we use to get scare and when I found living God  JESUS it's totally different I never got scare after that I mean if light goes of also. It really prove me that JESUS is living and God of light, peace and life.
                     Here we met some of belivers who have heart for Tibetan people and they said here in ballikupi, muggod and some area more than 30 thousands Tibetan Buddhist people are here and it's just 7 to 10 works only here to work among them. Which really reminded me "harvest is plentiful but workers are few".
1) God will work among those tourists or traveller who are wondering and searching for truth and peace.
2) God will give the burden to HIS people for reach out among the Tibetan who stay in southern India.
3) please pray for me that i could carryon the dreams that DADDY has put inside my heart.

Thursday, 9 January 2020

                   OPENED HEART 

The Lao monk Sauvanaphone Phiaxay ( gay) from the first time only he said he is gay, but it doesn't matter for me because I know FATHER brought him on my way because FATHER loves him and wanted him to know about truth.
       Recently he ask me if I have time to talk with him so I said definitely I have, I called her in cafe( Tibetan tea house), he said very soon he need to go back his country and its not easy for me, he don't like to be monk but he choose by himself to be in monk as he is gay and on society it's hard for him people make fun but if one is monk they will not. And he don't want to be monk anymore because in his heart he feel he is girl, after coming here in dharamsala ( Himachal Pradesh) for study everyone thought him that he is nun and many wanted to be friends with him and he doesn't wanted to lie so once he tell them that" I am not nun, I am monk" people go far away. At that time I told him that the living and true GOD Loves you too as HE loves me though people those who don't know true GOD might reject you but HE never reject you and HE wants you to know HIM and HE will be your answer.
I know it's not just enough to tell him GOD loves you until he doesn't feel acceptance from the people whom GOD has created but he have definitely seen something different in people who know JESUS for sure and HE has heard about HIM through me and rest is FATHER work and his choice.

              FRIENDS GOING BACK 
When we meet people on our way and some become very close to us than its become very hard to see them going. Two weeks before my some good friends from Thailand
and Monk from Laou
went back to their own countries. Yes, it was sad to see them going but I am very thankful to FATHER for the friends HE brought on my way and opportunities to share WHO is the living and true GOD. It was HIS timing and plan I believe because we became good friends had great fellowship not just sharing who HE is but also sharing food, drinking tea near the road and listening to them.
I don't know I am going to meet them or not in this life but I don't regretted I have been obedient to FATHER.
       John 8:32   ye shall know the truth,
       and truth shall make you free.
               CHRISTMAS TIME

It was always joyful to celebrate Christmas it doesn't matter where are you, there was time when christmas comes I really wanted to be with my family at home, when I see people going home in christmas but this year I didn't feel or miss my home, though we were very few in mcleodgunj ( Himachal Pradesh ) we had a good time celebrating the birth of JESUS and thank full for serving HIM.
1) Pray that Sauvanaphone Phiaxay that he will seek HIM more and find HIm.
2) Thai families will not stop reading the Bible and find the truth.
3) Pray for me that whatever the next step is leaded by GOD.