Thursday, 5 December 2019

                    FAITH CARRIED ON

' and what you have heard from me through many witnesses entrust to faithful people who will be able to teach others as well.' 2Timothy 2:2.
As Paul teaching to Timothy to pass to faithful people. This journey here in mcleodgunj ( Himachal Pradesh) when God brought Tibetan Buddhist Launguage teacher Chotten and God gave opportunity to pray for her last time when she got chest pain and she got healed from her old sickness,   and recently she said that her daughter got sick had high fever and vomitting at night and she prayed to Jesus to heal her daughter as HE has healed her, and within 2 minutes her daughter fever gone it seems. Chotten( launguage Buddhist Tibetan teacher) is on her way of believing the living GOD.

As it getting colder and colder my cute old friend doesn't come out like before, usually I use to meet her in evening but now it is morning sometime only that is also when sun shines bright. And GOD gave me the opportunity this time, it was perfect time, weather was good with bright sunlight and there she was in same bench where I use to drink tea, this time I asked her why she never drink tea with me whenever I offer to her, she told me she have suger sickness ( diabetes) so, I asked her can I pray for her to my God, HIS name is JESUS , and I asked her have you heard about JESUS?her response was if I get healed I will thank your GOD, but I told her if I pray for you you need to have faith that JESUS is going to heal you. She smiled and agreed and I prayed for her that JESUS will heal her. Just have to wait now how GOD will work.

It is always asking GOD for more opportunity to meet those Buddhist friend s whom GOD has brought on my way. And  here came Thanksgiving and I started decorating the place to invite all the Buddhist friend to have a food together and being thankful to GOD for theses friend. On Thanksgiving Day many of Buddhist friends came and to my friends I told them I am very thankful to my GOD JESUS for you guys for becaming  my friend.
Prayer points:
1) God will work on chotten( Tibetan language teacher) husband Sangey's life too.
2)Healing over my cute old friends life.
3)Thanksgiving prayer for faith of chotten and also provided every single things on Thanksgiving day.

Thursday, 7 November 2019


Last month I went to Naharlagun (Arunachal Pradesh) to attend my sister wedding. As I am the first daughter in the family somehow I felt responsibility to take care of everything, so many things were going in my head from decoration to taking care of guest. I knew 'DADDY' is there to give me wisdom and strength. I was very happy for my sister that GOD has brought right life partner in my sister life but I was bit nervous how it's going to happen like arranging everything by faith.
I started declaring the verse Philippines 4:13 ' I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me'. and started making craft
for My sister wedding, and from decorating the hall to my own dress modification.
Every arrangements and decoration finish on exact time by the grace of GOD and HIS favour
We have been praying that GOD will bring our grandpa and uncles for this wedding from bride side as they don't know CHRIST all of them are unbeliever, we keep on praying for them continuesly . I use to call and ask our grandpa are you coming right for Annu's wedding(my sister)? My grandpa and uncles use to say " let's see, but we trusted in our prayers and people who have been praying for them, and 'HE' did it once again. One day before Annu's wedding our grandpa and our two uncles, one aunty with our grandma arrived. Miracle thing was they all looked so happy and excited for my sister wedding.
On 17 October 2019 when  my sister enter inside the church in her white wedding dress holding my brother

on the right side of her, it's very joyful moment and with joy I was crying too to see my sister looks so beautiful. When I look around that was first
time my grandpa,uncle and aunty that was first time they step first time inside the church as they are Buddhist.
                BACK TO HIMACHAL

I cannot be so thankful to GOD's provision from my sister wedding dress to every small things it was miracle, also bringing our grandpa, grandma, uncles and aunty.
So, back to the mountains with thankful heart. It really refresh my heart to see mountains of Himachal as winter arrived mountains looks more beautiful to see mountains cover by snow.
Prayer points:
1). Please pray for my sister Annu and her husband Joseph that they both will have same passion and zeal for LORD continuesly.
2). Pray for my Grandpa, uncles and aunty that God will stir there heart too.
3). Please Pray for all those people who has blessed for my sister's wedding, through prayers and financial.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

                          MY FRIEND

I met these old Tibetan lady , while having tea on the street and I started my broken Tibetan language to say hello to her and she speak long sentence to me it was bit difficult to understand and I ask her 'do you speak hindi'? she said yes and we started our conversation with my broken Tibetan and with her broken Hindi and funny part is some we don't understand each other n we laugh holding each other hands, I am trying to meet her whenever I go out to have tea because she sits outside the one of local shops. It's been only two three times I met her and she shared me about her family that her children are outside the india(Canada), she is alone in Himachal Pradesh but her children send money to her for her foods and for other needs. When I asked her why don't she went with her children ,she response she went two times she did not like it she prepare staying in India Himachal Pradesh near Dalai Lama's sad in some way because they don't know the truth about living God first of all and the other thing in this old age her children are not with her to take care. I am loving seeing her when I go out in market and chit chat with her, can't wait to share about my believe to her and need right moment , right timing from the above.

GOD has opened the door for meeting them (LOU )friends, we use to go out and  have tea and food sometime. Now whenever we meet these days it's so wonderful to hear from them about Jesus as they are reading action bible to improve their English, in very normal conversation also they want to talk about bible story. One time these lou monk invited me to have lunch with them while we were eating the food one of them (lou monk) said "the guy name Peter in bible how much Jesus loved him, Jesus told him before that he is going to deny him three times but did not got angry on peter, how could JESUS could be so graceful?" I was really joyful to know that they are really reading the Book and curious to know more about JESUS, it is really joyful to answer their questions who JESUS  is.
      Prayer points:
1).God will open Old Tibetan lady (my friend)heart to know the living God.
2). Lou monk will able to understand who really JESUS is.
3). Please pray that I will be able to share more about  Christ character to those lou monk not just verbally but through action also. 

Monday, 9 September 2019

                           GIVING THE WORD
It was giving and giving a lots of word of GOD ( Bible) , DAD has been bringing many Buddhist people and DADDY has been using me to connect with the people who don't know HIM and this time "HE" introduce me three monks from country lou and  all the three of them are 'gay' this is first time in my life I made friends with gay, they are very good and kind hearted person and three of them ask me if I have extra ' BIBLE' with me, I did not had but I did not told them that I don't have I said 'okay I will give you on friday'. I was in a place where I was super happy to hear that they want BIBLE and also I told them I will give you on faith!!!, I told DADDY you need to sought it out. I love "HIM " that same evening Leonie she text me and said she received many bible from USA it's a action BIBLE if I needed can take, DADDY give me so fast wow! Wow! Then I patch some BIBLE from Leonie's place, and gave to those monk from

Lou they were so excited and I was super excited by giving them, one of monk was so excited that he read it at same day and next day he started telling us 'THE STORIES' from 'THE BIBLE',
There are no words for the pleasure to be had when a person's face lights up at first receiving the Bible and excitedly looking to see what is inside.
Also I really need wisdom from DADDY to communicate with them to let them know who is true living GOD. I believed as 'THE WORD' says in James 1:5-6" If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of GOD, who gives generously all without finding fault, and it will given to you. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind".
                     'HE' IS THE COMFOTER
I was happy that how GOD has been working in the people's life whom I have been friends with and midst of God's work in life of Tenzin Tsomu( lady work in cafe) she also ask me bible I gave to her
and she was very happy and told me that she will give to her daughter to read also. But one night she call me and told me that her husband left her and went with another lady and Tenzin Tsomu  was crying so much and telling me the whole story ,at that moment I told her" just hold your self I will pray for you " I don't know at that moment what I said to her could encourage her or not but that was the only thing I could do for her. After that I shared to all my spiritual family to stand with me in prayer for her that GOD can comfort her.
I trust HIM that more than me or us HE care and concern about life of Tenzin Tsomu, it's my job to be obedient and just follow because it's out of my capabilities of things to be done but it can happen only if "HE" wants it to happen.
Hoped this blog has been encouraged and motivated to all including me to see that in every situation just trust HIM.

Prayer points:
1) Stand with me for these three Lou monk, who is looking for truth.
2)Pray for Tenzin Tsomu that God's will be done and comfort her.
3) Please pray for me that God will give me wisdom to communicate with all different kind of people.


Thursday, 8 August 2019

In my Tibetan language learning phase 1,I have been learning more than hundred of words! also I have to make combination of that word to make a sentence, sometime when I try to form a sentence it doesn't make any sense, and chotten la( language teacher) told me not to worry if it is senseless the purpose of phase 1 is to just use the words what I have learnt.
                  Now I am in phase 2 more emerging, trying to speak longer sentence , started interacting with local shopkeeper in Tibetan and in the beginning it's funny because I start and get stuck forming the sentences and interesting part is these( Tibetan) people help me to finish the whole sentence. I notice that I get started having longer conversation with these( Tibetan) people, and end of day I am learning every day new words from different locals.

                    MONSOON IS HERE

When I came here in MacLeodgunj ( Himachal Pradesh),when ever I met any Believers they use to tell me be prepared for monsoon because monsoon here in MacLeodgunj is terrible everything get moulded and smelly.
                                      As clouds roll and rains came down, can see the monsoon reaction , things started getting moulding, walls of my kitchen are damp but thank you DADDY so far no smelly.

Last Friday I did not had language class because it was so much raining outside, then Chotten' ask me let's watch movie I agreed and started thinking' it may be Bollywood movie she want to watch' she took out her phone and it was Tibetan movie with English subtitles and the name of that movie was " letter to God" . I was so amazed and felt so happy because this time it was not me who was approaching her to listen or telling some testimony about the goodness of Our living GOD but she want to watch this Christan movie and said it's so wonderful right!!... Yes it is! Just think Tibetan Buddhist lady is showing Christian movie.
So true what the word of GOD says Genesis 18:14 is anything difficult for the LORD........
I want to praise HIM and glorify HIM what the book of Amos says in Amos 4: 13' For behold , He who forms mountains and creates the wind and declares to man what are His thoughts ,He who makes dawn into darkness and treads on the high places of the earth the LORD GOD of hosts in His name.
HE is working in HIS way amazingly , I believed that by going through my blog it will bless you all and make us to praise HIM always. Thank you for reading and getting encourage in LORD.

                   (Walls are damp and moulded)

          (Phase 2: Teaching longer sentence)
(Looking oppertunity: speak Tibetan

Prayer points:
1). Pray for shopkeeper whom I meet most of my time, that they will have desire to know about JESUS.
2). Pray for cotten La husband that he will also have desire to know living GOD.
3). Pray for me that I could speak Tibetan language to people whom ever I meet on my way.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

                INSTANT WORK BY GOD
My tibetan language teacher chotten la has been hearing about JESUS from the couple (Alfred and Leonie) with whom i was staying, Alfred and Leonie told me chotten la has never express her faith. one saturday i was with chotten la having my language class and she had suddenly chest pain and without asking her permission i kept my hand on her chest and ask JESUS to heal her. Next day she shared to leonie that how JESUS has took her pain, she believe JESUS now. Its 'HIS' instant work.
                    TIBETAN TEA HOUSE
Beautiful part of this Tibetan Tea House is run by beliver( servant of God) its basically cafe ministry , its very cozy, peaceful and sense of joy can feel whoever enters here.
I had desire to serve GOD through this Tibetan Tea House for time being, i asked them if i can voluntarily help them for time being they were happy. Here i met one lady her name is Tenzin Tsomu tibetan buddhist she also work here in tea  house, i introduce myself to her and told that i born and brought up in buddhist background but i am christian now when she heard that i am christian now she was shocked and asked me how and why i became christian? At that moment i said  in my heart...Yes!yes!yes! i love you DADDY then i told my whole testimony from birth till now and after listening my testimony she said she also want to meet JESUS! what is more good news than hearing Person saying i wanted to meet JESUS .
                HOUSE HUNT
Its been almost two months i been in Mcleodgunj( Himachal Pradesh) and staying with beautiful couple Alfred and Leonie.
One week before God show me in my dream one room where it was full of darkness also i saw many people looks like dark and skinny images surrounded that room, morning when i got up i cant understand and while i was doing my quiet time, God reminded me bible verse Matthew 5: 14-16 its says we are the light and our light shines before others, then i understood the dream God has showing  to me where light needed in those people life,I shared to Alfred and Leonie that i need to shift to the room that God is showing me.
It was not easy at all to find the room in the place where i am not familiar with the areas, i found many rooms but DADDY said no! one evening, after my language class i was just walking and looking here and there i saw one old Tibetan Lady sitting near the varandha and DADDY said that is the room. I went to that lady and ask her if there is any room for rent? she looked at me and asked me "are you alone? " i said yes, then she told me she dont like too much noises thats why she haven't given rent to any one so far but she agree to give me, she saw me the room it was the exact same room which i saw in my dream. SO, I shifted there with my backpack....Rest I leave upon DADDY.
Thank you for taking time and reading my blogs , i believe
Prayer point:
1)  Pray for Tibetan language Teacher chotten la that not only her but her all family will know the truth.
2)Gods love will cover upon Tenzin Tsomo ( tea house tibetan buddhist worker) life and she will encounter JESUS.
3) Pray for me that i will be light in that place where DADDY put me.



Monday, 10 June 2019

               "APPROVED BY  GOD "
I was still wondered , God ! is Mcleodgunj (Himachal Pradesh) is the place that i should start my journey?
I met one couple Alfed and Leonie who is serving God here in Mcleodgunj with Jessica team, they shared how God has called them 3 years before and gave heart for Tibetian Buddhism, and last year how God brought one intercessor team from America and God has gave them visions and one of the vision was cross was high above and all  other relegion was down, and in one of tibetan art gallary God show them painting of that vision and these couple(Alfed & Leonie) went the tibetan art gallary in the town in mcloedgunj and found that painting and they brought it at house. So, while they have been sharing about that painting, inside of my heart there was voice spoke "Tell them to show the painting" so, without any delay i asked Leonie ! can I see that painting too? She agreed to show me and she brought the painting outside of her room, as soon as I saw that painting God spoke so clearly and said APPROVED , and reminded me that Its God's approval I came here, and I was crying and laughing and leonie was asked me are you okay?   I mean I am okay ! God has Approved me to be here !!!! .
Before I join with the team here in mcleodgunj I decided to go around the town for intercession, I saw in the road there was no vehicle because it was early in the morning around 6 am like that only one school bus was there waiting for the children to fecth , than I looked both side of the road and crossed the road and suddenly from no where one car came and hit me and throw me away, as soon as car hit me I thought I am dead today , when I reached ground I got up fast and checked whether blood is coming from anywhere of my body, many people gather even car driver came out of his car and said 'I will take you to hospital', I mean I was so shocked to see no blood, no scratch also but little pain in the finger and in the wrist, still I could not belive!!!  but though I haven't seen from my naked eyes but I am 100 percent sure God was there to hold me . His word is so true: Roman 8: 31 ... If God is with us then who can be against us?
             VALUE OF LANGUAGE
Here most of workers they are learning 3 hours of tibetan language in order to communicate with tibetan people and some of the believers already they are communicating with them in tibetan, and its so beautiful to hear them talking them in tibetan.
                  My heart is for himalayan reagion to reach out and in himalayan region there are Tibetan,  Nepalese and other tribes are there. When I look back and see Gods plan, God took me two year in Nepal(Kathmandu) where I able to learn Nepalese with my fellow workers, Hindi language is common in arunachal so I know from my childhood and now God brought me here I decided to learn tibetan language atleast every 2 hours for 5 days a week. I want to grab every opportunity comes on my way to share the good news.
I hope it encouraged you.
Thank you for taking time and reading my blog.
Prayer point:
1. Kindly please pray for Gods protection over all the workers here in Mcleodgunj.
2. The lady (Chotten)who teach tibetan language is hearing about Jesus from the believer, pray that God will continueslly stir her heart.
3. Pray for me God will give me wisdom and patience to learn the language.

                                  PRAISE GOD