Saturday, 9 January 2021



As journey has begun to take the story I decided to meet one brother his name is Thupten Tsering

and he is Buddhist guy the way he was bought up us like every other children but when he was quite young he got accident with electric transformer and he lost his both arm and he didnot gave up and continue his life without both arm and the talent that God has given in him is extraordinary he can sing very well and he do painting

also which are so good. When I was talking with him and taking his videos one thing he said was touch my heart ' your biggest weakness try to make it biggest strength' though he is Buddhist but somehow God has plan for him and "HE" only gave him those strengths in Thupten Tsering. It was great hearing his story and recording it just I needed to work on all the videos of his and need to edit to make full story. At the end I ask him that if could pray for him and I prayed for him that he will be encourager to many people around the world who gave up their life coz of physical weakness in them also Thupten Tsering will know the true living GOD.
It's time of year again all the joys of Christmas. Year 2020 has been hard years, many had been saddened when they think of their loved ones who will not be able to come home for various reasons. It has been also time of healing and renewed strength. As a Christian we can truly get happy at Christmas! No matter what may be happening. I know that we are HIS children and heaven will be our home one day. I was bless to spent Christmas with my niece 'Osher'

this Christmas and its first Christmas for her. I invited Jesus into our heart.

Prayer points:
1) I request please pray for Thupten Tsering that as he is motivation for many people but he will find JESUS in his life.
2) Pray for those our brothers and sisters who has lost their loved one and cannot celebrated their Christmas with them. GOD will comfort them.
3)Please pray for me that God will bring more people who have extraordinary stories.

Sunday, 6 December 2020



Weather was so nice and I dicided to go for prayer walk towards Tawang Monestry as I was near the Monestry I saw some young monks were playing ball and some just running here and there,

I went near them and asked them if I could join them for playing they agreed after that I saw two little monk sitting bit far from other monks

so I dicided to go there and have a chat with them, I thought in the beginning they might feel shy but thank GOD they were so friendly to have a chat with them the only problem was they don't want to sit in one spot so they were moving here and there and I followed them too...but it was worth spending time with them as I asked them if they enjoy or love being monk ? Both of them said they don't like being in Monestry they miss their family's sad truth about Tibetan and monpa culture that if a " family" had three boys middle one need to send out for monk same goes with girls if a " family" has three girls middle one has to go for nun in very young age of where they have no idea what they are going to spent their rest of life in somewhere where there is no living GOD.
I was so sad once again to see these young monk who is unaware of truth and going to spent rest of their life searching truth.....

Last year when I was in Himachal as I have shared GOD gave me heart to take the story of people who have extraordinary stories so GOD gave me idea to show to the world from social media and these year I was keep on thinking how I am gonna start because I don't have tools ( camera or go pro)and I am not that good with all editing and stuff and GOD told me " TAKE THE STEP" so, I decided to take the video of those people's stories by my phone. The first person whom God shown me to take the stories was Ani she use to take care the mentally disabled women , widower, abandoned  women( old and young) and she kept that home name "mother's home".

I had very quality time with Ani and she shared little bit about some women who are there and she agreed to share her testimony and we fixed the date. Glory to GOD

1) Really needed to pray for all the Monpa and Tibetan young children that they will Know living GOD.
2) Need prayer for Ani that God will prepare her heart to share her testimony.
3) Please pray that while I will be recording through my phone, there will be no problem in sound and video.

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Our value is not in our marital status but in our relationship with Him


Our value is not in our marital status but in our relationship with Him
Teaching topic:
Paul wrote in Phil. 4:11, “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” This included his singleness.

even well-meaning supporters wonder why we haven’t yet found someone. It gets tiresome to go to weddings and church events and constantly be asked “When will you get married? Have you found someone yet?”

Singleness on the mission field holds challenges. Many societies will not acknowledge you as someone of status as a single. They may wonder if something is wrong with you or lovingly try to find you a spouse. Christianity Today reported that singleness is the fourth greatest reason why candidate missionaries don’t make it to the field. It is also a common reason why many leave.

Yet singleness is a valid biblical option and not to be scorned. Instead, singles who are emotionally healthy demonstrate godliness in unique and important ways. I Learn that minister out of our healthy singleness. It is an important testimony to those around us.

Hold my head up

Resist the temptation to absorb the world’s values. In the Kingdom of God, singles are highly regarded. They are not second class citizens who need to hang their heads.
Out of our singleness, we need to demonstrate the Kingdom of God.

This time as lockdown relex came Home town Tawang.

Met my brother and his wife this is first time I met my sister in law after my brother got married and I was so happy to see my youngest brother also married now. Though she is Buddhist but I know one day she will come to the lord that is the faith I have.
Also I met one monpa beliver

Tenzin his wife and came to know his wife was not well so got opportunity to pray for them.

*Prayer points*
1) Please pray for my brother Joshua's wife yeshi that she will know our living and true God.
2) Healing prayer over beliver Tenzin's wife.
3). Need prayer as my sister and brother are married now but I am single but it should not effect to glorify HIS kingdom.

Saturday, 10 October 2020

Resilient healthy cross cultural ( online class ACTS)


It's been so long haven't seen my spiritual family, and it was so joy to see them finally through zoom but thank GOD for the opportunity to see them and worship,prayer and listening from each other really bless once again.


How to Have a Resilient Healthy Cross Cultural Team!( ACTS online class)

one of my last week online class topic which really bless me again was how to work in healthy cross cultural team. When Jesus called His disciples, He called them to serve together as a group, not as individuals. He gathered a team of twelve men and sent them out two by two. Though most of them were fishermen, each of them was unique in personality, character, and giftings. They had to learn how to get along and work together as a team of disciples. It is not easy to maintain a healthy team, especially if your team is made up of people from varied cultures.
What is Cross-Cultural Team Work?

It is a sad fact that many cross-cultural workers leave field assignments because they cannot get along with their colleagues. It is crucial that teams learn to work well together. They must use their giftings and talents, as well as their personalities and cultural differences, to enhance the Kingdom of God.

No Dominant Culture
The majority culture in the group should not dominate the culture of the team.

For a multicultural team to work well together, team members need to respect one another’s culture. Mutual respect sets the stage for a reciprocal relationship between equals. This is the foundation for trust.

Communication between team members is a high value. There is no one way or method of communicating that is the right way. The important thing is learning to listen to each other.
It's really been blessing for me last month when this topic came cross because it the field we meet different cross cultural people and it's kind of hard to get along each other sometime but through this teaching it's really help me to serve together.

1) God will protect this sons and Daughter family to bring glory to HIM.
2)Please pray for good internet connectivity for all the people who are attending online Acts classes.
3) Please pray for me that I will not just learn with my mind but apply through my heart.

Thursday, 10 September 2020



I do know how things can come up though.I registered with every hope of showing up live for the training.

Now it’s been a few days, I life has gotten busy and you’ve started thinking,HOWEVER, I knew I want this information about how to effectively inspire others for their global Kingdom roles. I want to impact the least, last and lost —that’s why GOD show me path to signed up! For this class
Life has a way of getting incredibly full, especially when the enemy knows we are about to take a major step forward in doing something to establish God’s kingdom in new places.
“I don’t have enough time.”
Here is the reality. I hate to admit it, but we all make time for what matters most to us.
How hungry am i to see the nations worshipping Jesus? To impact others through my efforts to inspire and motivate them toward the unreached?
Showing up live so I can interact with others in the training is going to be worth the 1 hour investment. I end up renewed in my vision and ready to get started with my role as a mobilizer.
Or I  might be thinking...
"How do I know that this training will really help my ministry?”

So, I'm seriously praying to God that HE will be able to make me to attend. I’m super stoked about equipping myself to do this, hearing the questions I have and coming alongside in this journey.
Just hearing testimony of people who conducting this online class gave goose bumb and once again I praise the Almighty GOD for his awesome mighty work in life of people who love serve HIM.

The beautiful gift for my our family through my sister our beautiful baby girl OSHER her name meaning in Hebrew is 'JOY' the joy that she brought was unmreaseable Thank you God, it was kind of test for the family when she came to the world she was sick but GOD has heard the prayers for all who have prayed for OSHER's life.
1) I could get more knowledge of GOD through this online classes.
2) Osher will grow under God's care.
3) Thankfulness to all the people who has been praying for OSHER's life in difficult time.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020


Last week in our in our intercession time we took time for families and friends of intersessor member. It was kind of overwhelming to hear that covid 19 has started infected the families and friends in our intercessor group not just physically also financial too. Not only old age people but among young member of family in intercessor members 

as soon as we hear we started praying for the families and friend in our intecessor group

. Psalm 34:7-9 NIV
The angel of the Lord encamps around
those who fear him, and he delivers
Nahum1:7 NIV
The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him,
And  Almighty Father started healing in the life of those families and friends who got infected by virus from the intecessor members families or friends.


When I was serving in Nepal ( YWAM) my ywam leader contacted me last month and ask me if i am interested to join ACTS : SCHOOL OF SUPERNATURAL MINSTRY YWAM(online)So, i agreed and it was no regret to join this class online , also I can select which class I am interested topics which I am going to attend are #Divine Healing# Deliverance#Dreams And Vision#Evangelism lifestyle#Spiritual Warfare#Supernatural living and I am looking forward to attend these classes and it's a first time I am going to join online classes.

1) God's control upon all the intercessor members of 'Sons and righteousness' members also upon their near and dear ones.
2)God's anointing will be upon all the speakers of ACTS:school of supernatural ministry.
3) Please pray that there will be no network problem also I will not get confuse.

Thursday, 9 July 2020


Intercession is the one thing not in this time of situation but from before 'HE 'has assigned to me. I am part of one intercession watsapp group created by intersessor around the world and we are praying for specially Tibetan Buddhist group around the world. So, last month was my leading in the group and I prayed and did research and found out different cluster group of Tibetan around the world it was eye opening and new to me that there are many clusters group which is very difficult to reach out .The gospel of Jesus Christ has never reached among some of Tibetan cluster group geographically, politically, and spiritually they are isolated from the world.There has never been a known believers,
Unknown to Christendom, many clusters group have perished in their sin for centuries without the slightest cry for help being heard from their midst. There is 40 clusters group of Tibetans Buddhist people group and I prayed GOD and  picked up  one group everyday shared to watsapp group and together interceed for them, it was so powerful I can felt the Power of GOD going to work among those Tibetan Buddhist cluster people.
And throughout the intercession GOD has been reminding me the verse from (Phil. 2:9-11) “For this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father” . It was wonderful how every intercessor in the group GOD has been giving the word

for the lost cluster Tibetan Buddhist people that it isn't impossible for 'HIM' and nothing can stop when in one heart when HIS
children cry out for salvation of lost. Honestly I don't know how it is going to happen but I have strong faith that GOD is going to make it and it wil happen supernaturally.


As it was got bit relieved from the situation we gather our few people to worship and sharing word of GOD. As I got opportunity to bring the word of GOD I ask GOD what to share in this time of situation and HE reminded me of description of the shipwreck in Acts 27
Luke and Aristarchus accompanied Paul
on that difficult journey to Rome. The ship was out of control (27:15-20), at the mercy of that fearsome storm how Paul was calm, shows practical leadership in the midst of that crisis. Against the human helplessness of that frightening adventure stands the sovereign hand of God, who had promised Paul that he would testify in Rome (23:11). Since an angel repeats that promise to Paul in the midst of the storm (27:24).
If we will trust in God’s sovereign care for us in life’s storms it may be anything Pendemic or viruses, family,personal I  believe HE was and HE will use us to bear witness to many.

Prayer points:
1).Please kindly interceed Tibetan Buddhist cluster people group so that they will know the truth and let truth of JESUS will set them free.[ Posted the Tibetan Buddhist cluster people group names on top].
2).Pray for YWAM family and missionary who serve GOD will be strong enough to face the Strom of pendemic or any situation and be witness.
3). Pray that GOD will give me more opportunities in social media to witness HIM.